Monday, August 12, 2013

My blog traffic and SEO strategy

The most effective and worthwhile method of communication is by writing and publishing either in online journal (blog) or offline like newspaper, magazine and some other means of disseminating information. Blogging can be view as such; as just decide on a niche that one can handle properly and make a move to write on it consistently, and if however a reasonable niche has been chosen, and some reasonable articles have been published and the next thing will be to see
down and keep expecting the traffic to start coming with time but there is more to that if really a reasonable traffic either from social networks or search engine to start flowing in and as well to make it a last long traffic.

Now that this is known that the issue of blog traffic is all about give and take (law of karma), not realism, not by luck, not by fortunate, not even depends on the number of article published on your blog and neither is by doing all sort of unnecessary traffic gimmick. However, to easy you from this stress, below are the four means you can use in driving huge traffic to my blog as well as what I did.

1. SEO friendly: The number one point is making your blog SEO friendly under this headline. And how does a blogger make his or her blog SEO friendly? To start with, dispatching your articles into category, and try as much as you can as a blogger either a problogger or newbie to make reasonable use of your blog keywords in your articles and sometimes in your blog title. This step must be properly handled, how do I mean? If however you have not been doing this before, it is high time you start doing it to effect changes to your blog traffic and create a blog title that is SEO friendly.

2. First-class content: I believe this is the most common language ever used by the leading bloggers, the either say quality content, or content is king, or great post or/and blahblahblah... But I must confirm this from my end that quality and first class content is the second best way to drive quality traffic to yourblog. Yes!, you have made your blog title both SEO and user friendly but what are the chances that the blog title will be able to withstand it content, is the title just catching and appealing or a worthwhile blog title when comparing with the blog content itself? Making your blog content a first class means it must be relevant to what readers are searching for, beneficial to your blog readers and it should be a topic that encourages blog-author and readers interaction else their might be some problem in your blog search engine ranking due to poor blog content.

3. Social network friendly: I personally believe in cordial relationship and to me as matter of fact, blogging is a community on its own that encourages friendship andrelationships with other bloggers either in your niche or thereabout, building relationship in blog-o-sphere does not only bring about exposure to you and your blog but as well bring some quality backlink from other bloggers who find your blog article interest and worthwhile and some did this with even making use of trackback feature for more juice (Trackback can be simply put as a way to inform you about whoever includes a link pointing to your blog or site)

4.  Blog search engine friendly: This is virtually all bloggers dream, to rank high on a certain keyword on search engine for maximum traffics, for instance; the rumour skyrocketing everywhere is Google PageRank which have kept so many bloggers on their nerves just because we are all waiting for it despite the fact that it is not the only criteria for a successful bloggers, many have written different articles about GooglePageRank and they have been ranked very high because the keywords is search engine friendly, many can't wait again and they are really expecting it any moment from now as a the time of this article. In making your blog a search engine friendly, some criteria needs to be considered some of which are: Blog URL, Constant pinging and building blog quality backlinks from a reputable blog.

Conclusion: No matter what you are doing to drive traffic to your  blog, either through comment, or guest blogging; just keep in mind the rightful keywords you are targeting inline with first-class content in order to bring improvement to your blog SEO.

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